"A great place to visit,
a wonderful place to live."
Keep up to date with the events in Penshurst through our monthly Newsletter.

With a history spanning 25 years, the newsletter has provided a point of contact for the whole town,
and is a great source of information and important dates for our calendars.

Articles and photos are welcome from everyone.

Your contributions should be emailed, or put them on a USB drive
and delivered to the Newsletter building, or Kelly's Hardware.

Please make sure they are labelled for a quick return.

If you have questions you can email the newsletter Question for the Newsletter
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The Newsletter is available from the local shops or by subscription ($20.00 a year), 12 issues starting July 2015.

Email Subscriptions can be paid by direct credit into

Penshurst Newsletter
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Submission guidelines

The purpose of the newsletter is to inform, inspire, and entertain the Penshurst community and other interested readers.

Due to challenges to publishers from the shifting boundaries of the laws of privacy, publicity, and libel, Advance Penshurst (as the publisher of 'Penshurst Community Newsletter') is required to provide the list of requirements and guidelines for submissions of articles to the newsletter.

SUBMISSION Please submit your contributions electronically to 'The Editor' at Article Submission (penshurstnewsletter@advancepenshurst.com.au)

Articles are generally no more than 1000 words although longer articles may be published at the editor's discretion. Please submit your contribution along with your article's title, your name, pictures or public domain graphics, and a four to five sentence bio introducing yourself and/or your business/trade/organisation. Articles must be in Microsoft Word format. Black and white or colour images should be photo quality (300 dpi or better) in jpeg format. If you have submitted the article elsewhere please let us know. You are responsible for letting the other publisher know that you also submitted the article to us.

The Penshurst Newsletter reserves the right to accept or reject any submissions at its discretion without notification.All copyrights remain the property of the submitter.

All articles are subject to editing for length, style, punctuation and grammar. We will make every effort not to change the theme or intent of the article. A combined effort on your part to check your own grammar and spelling will help ensure drastic editing is not required. Publishers can be sued for publishing false and defamatory statements and even just embarrassing private facts about individuals. More and more in our highly proprietary and litigious age, references to individuals, living or deceased, bring claims of defamation, breach of privacy, or violation of publicity rights. All articles will therefore be scanned for issues that may create legal problems. Alterations will be given to the submitter for approval prior to publication.

INDEMNIFICATION All submissions are accepted and published on the representation that the submitter is authorised to publish the entire contents and subject matter therein. The submitter agrees to indemnify and hold Advance Penshurst - Penshurst Community Newsletter and its agents harmless from any and all liability, demands or damages arising out of the submission. Such indemnity includes the provision of a defence to any actions or claims and the payment of costs and attorneys fees in connection therewith.

DEADLINE Each monthly issue:

Our goal is to have a monthly newsletter released by the 2nd Friday of each month, all submissions must arrive the Tuesday 3pm prior to issue.

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